Fitness Club Management

COVID-19 Reopening Policies


Below is our 20 point cleanliness and safety plan that builds upon industry-recognized high standards of health, safety, and cleanliness with one core view in mind, YOUR SAFETY!


  • NEW POLICIES – In addition to existing continuous cleaning protocols, we will add a rigorous, deep-cleaning, and disinfecting process throughout the day and overnight. Zones have been created in the clubs and designated areas of the club will be sectioned off during the day to facilitate the deep cleaning. We will be increasing the size of our Maintenance team as well as asking all staff to support these rigorous cleaning protocols.
  • DISINFECTING PROCEDURES – Medical-grade, EPA-registered disinfectants, effective against the COVID-19 virus with a kill time of less than one minute will be used for all continuous and deep-cleaning processes. We will also be introducing next-generation electrostatic handheld and back-pack sprayers, for use by our maintenance team, that efficiently attack microbes, providing 3x more coverage in the same amount of time than traditional efforts. This equipment will also be used to fully disinfect lockers and Group Fitness equipment between use.
  • MEMBER ADVOCATES – Our Member Advocates will be identifiable by the bright neon yellow shirts they are wearing. Their job is to maintain facility cleanliness standards and procedures and to remind us all that we are in this together. Please do not be offended if you are gently asked to wipe down a piece of equipment or wear your mask.
  • FACE MASKS – Our teams will be provided with face masks and gloves, which will be required to be worn in the clubs at all times. Members will be required to wear face coverings at all times in the club, except while vigorously training. For convenience, members may purchase reusable masks at the front desk.
  • GLOVES – It is recommended but not required that members wear gloves during their visit.


  • CHECK-IN & CHECK-OUT– Government mandates will limit the number of people who can be in the club at any one time. Members will be required to check-in AND out of the facility through designated lanes. Bar code readers will be facing the member to avoid any handing off of keys and tags.
  • ADVANCE CHECK-IN RESERVATIONS – Members can call the club to book the club visit in advance or check on availability in real-time. Additional front desk staff have been added to minimize wait times but your patience is appreciated.
  • TEMPERATURE CHECKS – Members and staff will have body temperatures taken before entering the club via touchless thermometers. Per CDC guidelines, individuals with a body temperature greater than 100.4 degrees will not be permitted entry into the club.
  • MODIFIED CLUB HOURS – We will be modifying operating hours to support our cleaning and disinfection policies. All facilities will be shut down from midnight to 5 AM.
  • MODIFIED GROUP FITNESS  – All group fitness classes will be limited to no more than 45 minutes and will start at the top of the hour. This will allow 5 minutes for pre-class member self-service as well as 10 minutes for post-class disinfection application by our staff. Studios will be closed and unavailable for use between classes.
  • LOCKER ROOMS – Lockers will be available for use using proper social distancing protocols. Some lockers will be zip-tied shut. Showers will be available but limited. Locker rooms will be disinfected regularly.
  • EQUIPMENT USE – To facilitate physical distancing, we will reduce equipment available for use. Select equipment will be unplugged and clearly marked to facilitate physical distancing. Time limits may be imposed on equipment usage during peak hours, if necessary.
  • PERSONAL TRAINING – Members will be asked to practice social distancing during sessions. Trainers will remain six feet away from clients and instruction will be provided verbally.
  • NOT QUITE READY YET – Kids World and saunas will not be open until such time that we determine that our tools, products, and policies are deemed to be safe AND effective.


  • HAND SANITIZERS – Members will be asked to use hand sanitizer when entering the club and frequently throughout their visit. The hand sanitizer solution kills up to 99.9% of germs and includes ethyl alcohol. Stations will be available throughout the club.
  • WIPES, TOWELS & SOLVENTS – Upon check-in, members will be given an 8oz bottle of personal solvent to use throughout their workout. In addition, we have purchased pre-treated microbial EPA approved wipes proven to kill 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. We have also added a second paper towel dispenser next to each one that currently exists to ensure we do not run out. All of these tools will be continuously monitored as part of our zone cleaning system.
  • SIGNAGE AND FLOOR MARKERS – So members can give each other enough space, physical distancing markers will be placed in studios and throughout the facility. Physical distancing signs will also show which equipment is available for use, and signs will be placed throughout the Strength Floor to remind members to wipe down equipment before and after use and to practice physical distancing.
  • MEMBER DECLARATION – Members are asked to complete a mandatory COVID agreement available online or at the gym to confirm their understanding of our new policies and procedures.
  • NOTIFICATIONS – Members will be asked to alert their club’s General Manager or email if they test positive for COVID-19 within 14 days of their last club visit. We will email notification to all potentially exposed persons if there is a confirmed case of COVID-19.
  • ADJUSTMENTS – if COVID has taught us anything, it is that we must be flexible and adapt. It is our goal to do both and make the member experience as positive as possible. We will adjust our policies based on the latest science and communicate changes to you.
Your feedback, comments and questions are welcome! Please email